Chapô Julô's history



This animal farm was built and farmed by a local family at the end of the 19th century.

Several years after the farming end, a parent undertook the first floor renovations in order to live in it. But over the generations, the family has grown. This is why, in the middle of the 20th century, in 1960, the renovation was extented and a building of 425 m² space on 2000 m² of land grew up.

The various local artisans were mobilized to carry out the builiding taking care to the authenticity of this house.

The historic occupants leave the region for professional reasons, decide to sale this large family building where many works remain to be considered to finalize its operation. It was then that Eric and Véronique saw in it a magnificent opportunity to carry out their plan for an holiday accommodation for all



The Chapô Julô is firstly the meeting of two medico-social professionals that life brought together and who began to dream to a people development reception place thanks to their supporting people with disabilities shared desire.

With their multiple professional experiences, the project is then to design and offer a suitable lodging for all in surroundings that promote relaxation, leisure and fantasy. Four warm rooms for the reception that can accommodate 12 people inluding 6 persons with reduced mobility.

A large living room with library, living room and spacious dining room to ensure convivial moments for all travelers. The meeting of all kind of people, the various objects acquisition and the titanic rehabilitation work didn’t stop the project perspectives.

Le gîte est adapté à tous dans un cadre apaisant et propice à l’évasion.



It was during a mountain bike ride that Véronique and Éric stopped in front of this farm in Giez, attracted by the stones and the wood of a real Savoyard charm.

From then on everything seemed to come together to start turning this dream into reality and two years later, on September 26, 2019, they acquired this farm with the intense desire to carry out this life project, in the continuity of their efforts professional education.

It is therefore at the foot of the Bauges mountains, near the Golf course and at the Annecy Lake sources, that the Chapô Julô is born.

The Chapô Julô is a charming Savoyard lodging located in the Bauges regional natural park and on the Annecy Lake edge. A typical Savoyard farm in the favergien basin restored respecting its identity and its authentic charm made of wood and stone from the region, The Chapô Julô is ideally located near Annecy and Albertville.

This situation allows you to enjoy a range of outdoor activities.

Chapô Julô est un gite pour tous
Le chapô Julô est un gîte adapté à tous et pour tous



This accommodation, designed and built together, fits perfectly to Éric and Véronique, in the sharing and family spirit.

That is why he needed a name representing all these symbols. It was therefore through their two respective children that they found inspiration (Charline, Lauranne, Juliette and Pauline).

The association of the contractions of these first names gave birth to the Chapô Julô which is the color of this united blended family and of this first common project. You will find besides in this lodging many nods to these 4 girls who inspired the accomodation construction, the names of the rooms for example…

Les quatres filles ont été une source d'inspiration pour la création du gite Chapô Julô

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