A PRM adapted lodging



This rural holiday house was thought and designed based on professional experiences to avoid any problems related to disability.

The holiday cottage offers adapted solutions to facilitate the daily life and promote well-being. The Chapô Julô  has therefore been the subject of a reflection great deal to make it accessible and pleasant for all. For this, the physical access constraints to the holiday accommodation was took into account. The spaces have been the subject of a study to facilitate all movement, the access to rooms and furniture is ergonomic, the parking is near the holiday house in enough spaces and the access to the outdoors is without constraint .

Des rampes disponible pour permettre à tous d'accéder au gite



The consideration of the different types of handicap materializes in all the spaces of the accommodation with adaptations according to the difficulties encountered by the people.

  • The kitchen is fully accessible for people in wheelchairs (clearances under furniture, height of furniture, bay windows indicated, etc.)
  • Pictograms are arranged to find all the furniture or indicate elements stored in the cupboards
  • A bathroom is fully equipped for people with reduced mobility
  • Separate toilets are the same way
  • 4 beds in the bedroom (PRM)
  • 2 possible extra beds (PRM)
  • 6 beds in the bedroom (non-disabled)
  • The car parks are nearby and indicated by the symbol
  • Access to the exteriors is provided with secure and standardized ramps
  • All outdoor spaces near the holiday cottage are accessible and secure
  • On site, a wide choice of equipment is made available to facilitate travel (armchairs, adapted bikes and other rolling stock)



Facilitate the organization of your camps and come to a fully adapted PRM accommodation!

With more than 25 years of experience in institutions, multiple camps in various structures and accommodation, the Chapô Julô was inspired by our experience and the configuration of the places encountered. It is fully adapted to receive groups of people with disabilities (mental, physical, sensory).

Facilitate the accompaniment of your monitors and make the stay pleasant for residents and supervisors.

The spaces are very large spread over 140 m² with 4 spacious bedrooms, a large activity room, a kitchen and living room of approximately 80 m². The outdoor space accessible by the large bay windows and the ramps, allows access to the wooded lawn. The lodging also offers the possibility of having equipment available for practicing sporting activities (tricycles, bicycle with stabilizer, shopper, snowshoes and adjustable walking sticks).

Organizing your camps at Chapô Julô is also the possibility of calling on the company Sport Adapté Sensation  which offers on-demand services on activities of full nature such as (tandem-ski, dual ski, cimgo) with equipment for guides.



The Chapô Julô is the N ° 1 ” Sport Adapté Sensations ” partner that offer you to combine adapted accommodation and specialized activities!

On request and on weekends only, thanks to this partnership you can enjoy a stay at Chapô Julô 100% adapted and designed for people with reduced mobility.

What is Sport Adapté Sensations ? It is the accessible to all outdoor activities organization for the sensations experiencing pleasure. Professionals in the medico-social sector trained in the control of vehicles offer you to experience sporting adventures with the cimgo, dual ski or even tandem’flex.

These are specific all-terrain downhill wheelchairs without propulsion means. They allow people with all disabilities, all weights, all ages to discover the pleasures of downhill off-roading with the support of a qualified pilot and in the presence of his family with mountain bikes, scooters and skiing according to the pleasures and seasons .

(For more information on the availability of these activities please contact us directly for a personalized response to your “contact” needs).

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